Quantifying Roads through Computer Vision

CrossRoad Optics is a simple solution that provides much needed data for understanding roadways.

Why do we need new data?

The current system for collecting traffic data centers around manually counting over several hours. This means that every time someone wants to know how many pedestrians cross the street, or how many bikes are using a path, someone else has to go out and count. Why, in a digital world, do we rely on people to count cars on a road?

CrossRoad Optics employs a powerful arsenal of advanced computing to count and track how people use our roads today. Using a small sensor, we collect continual data on site, and produce a wide variety of metrics. Customers, empowered by this new information, can act with confidence in an increasingly uncertain world.

Solutions for Enterprise

Using CrossRoad Optics, businesses can better understand the flow of the world around them. Using our sensor, retail developers can compare the differences between two possible construction sites, or look at the long-term traffic flow over months, providing a better estimate on the number of daily visitors. Through our software, businesses gain confidence in new developments.

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Solutions for Advocates and Municipalities

CrossRoad Optics can be used by advocates and transportation engineers to monitor intersections and provide the same data as a traditional traffic study. Advocates can use this data to test interventions, like a raise cross-walk, designed to improve road safety. By comparing the before and after data, advocates can now quantify the added safety of the changes they make.

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